Gorran Movement in Kfry: after 33 years of Anfal, relatives of martyrs haven’t have a deserved life


The council of Kfry of Gorran Movement in anniversary of Anfal demands to provide service for relatives of who have been disappeared by Anfal process.

The statement of the Kfry council of Gorran Movement in anniversary of Anfal:

Dear strugglers of Garmian
The relatives of martyrs of Anfal

In the occasion of the (33)th anniversary of Anfal, we respect all the graves of the martyrs of Anfal. Anfal, which was the extension of the false policy of Baeth Regime against Kurd, was done in eight phases and the hardest phase was in Garmian. Except the elimination of life remnants and disappearance of thausands of young, old, women and children, Anfal has left the vacuum within the Kurdish community and the tragic views of that disaster will remain in Kurdish individual mind for more decades.

Now, after 33 years over that tragic accident, those who committed that process remained and walked freely, at the same time the relatives of martyrs of Anfal still remember their adversities and haven’t have the deserved life. It is the duty of Kurdistan region Government and Iraqi Government to provide more service to relatives of martyrs of Anfal. In this anniversary, we are as Gorran Movement.

The Kfry council of Gorran Movement
March 13, 2021

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