The deputy of Kurdistan President: Kurdish diaspora is a national wealth


The deputy of Kurdistan region and Greece consul talked about the political circumstance and reconstruction of Kurdistan region’s infrastructure and the relationships between Kurdistan and Greece.

Mustafa Said Qadr, the deputy of Kurdistan region’s president welcomed Dr. Stavros Chrismas the general consul of Greece in Kurdistan region.
At the meeting, the Kurdistan political circumstance, reconstruction of Kurdistan infrastructure, thriving the different economic sectors and improving the relationships between both sides were discussed.

The deputy of Kurdistan president talked about political situation and conflicts and the need to overcome challenges in order to construct national institutions. He also reconfirmed about reform projects and he appreciated the role of Greece government and people in supporting Kurdish Diaspora.

The Greece consul mentioned its country’s experience in settling the economic and financial crisis although the availability of great pressures that endures a numerous number of refugees have been welcomed for many years.

Also at the meeting, the important roles of both Kurdish and Greece diaspora, and the participation in reconstruction is the other topic that were discussed.

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