Ali Hama Salih: what was important for us was the president to be elected by MPs


Ali Hama Salih: what was  important for us was the president to be elected by MPs

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Change Movement (Gorran) parties submitted a bill on Thursday with 68 signatures to amend the contentious presidency law that calls for parliament to elect the president, not via a public vote.
The president will retain all powers and functions “until the ratification of the constitution of Kurdistan-Iraq, in which the method for election of the Region’s president and its authorities are determined

 Head of the Gorran bloc,  Ali Hama Salih also said on Thursday that what was important to his party was that the Kurdistan president is elected by parliament.
“All of Gorran’s requests have not been settled yet, but the election of the Kurdistan president and settling the issue of transitions of power is our goal, what was really important for us was that we wanted the president to be elected by MPs, not through a popular vote. And that it is fixed in the bill." ” Hama Salih added, saying that they were satisfied with the joint bill under consideration.
“We have not yet agreed about the authorities that will be held by the president and that has been set aside until the constitution is written, which will be through agreements and compromises.”