Gorran Issues a Statement about the Armed Attack on its HQ


On  11/6/2019, the Change Movement issued a statement about the armed
attack by a group of gunmen on its headquarters in the city of Slemani.
"  After receiving threats from  an official of the Patriotic Union of
Kurdistan( PUK) against  activists and the headquarters of the Movement
in Slemani,  many activists and volunteers gathered  at the
headquarters  and after a dispute with an armed group in the name of (
security) , which opened fire and  led to the death of the guard, the
martyr Reband Farhad,  a number of people were arrested  and they were
later released." the statement said.

The statement also warned that such  irresponsible acts  will worsen the
security situation in the region and the city of Slemani.

" The Change Movement  strongly condemns this incident and  casts the 
blame of  any undesirable consequences  on those who do not respect the
security, stability and life and dignity of the citizens of Kurdistan. 
We call for  opening of an investigation into the incident, and that  it
is necessary that the KRG  and related sides  take legal measures to
address and prevent the recurrence of such attacks and incidents,  the
criminals must receive their fair punishment.". the statement added.