Gorran Fraction Strongly Condemns use of Live Ammunition against demonstrators


Gorran Fraction Strongly Condemns use of Live Ammunition  against demonstrators  

The parliamentary bloc of the  Change Movement ( Gorran)  warned on Saturday against further provoking   the situation in Iraq, accusing successive authoritarian elites in the country of corruption.
A statement issued by the parliamentary bloc said that "the demonstrations carried out by unarmed citizens in Iraq, is the result of the accumulation of years of wasting hundreds of billions of Iraq's wealth due to the corruption of successive authoritarian elites, the lack of basic services, unemployment and deprivation, and weakening citizens' confidence in the democratic process due to fraud in general and local elections. "

"We in the parliamentary  bloc of Gorran  support the legitimate demands of the demonstrators and strongly condemn the use of live ammunition  to confront them, and at the same time we do not hide our deep fear that the continuation of the situation in this way will turn Iraq more and more into an open arena to regional and international conflicts and link it to the crises of the region as a whole, so we call on the federal government to prepare an actual and urgent project for reform and necessary ministerial changes as soon as possible for approval in the Iraqi Parliament. " the statement added.