Gorran is ready to serve in order to face corona virus


Secretary of national council of Gorran Movement announced that Gorran is ready to take any step to serve citizens and related institutions in order to face coronavirus, and Gorran also thinks that is should find the suitable mechanism to support poor citizens who their life depends on daily work and because of this emergency situation, they are at their homes without their income sources.

Adnan Osman the secretary of national Council and member of executive branch of Gorran said: in order to protect our citizens, we serve the health establishments and related institutions as much as we can, and all our members at any level, will be provided to that purpose voluntary in the necessary time.

He emphasized that Gooran believes that participation in that service is like the national duty, so Gorran demands the government and related authority to set a mechanism to serve the poor people who their life depends on daily work, in doing so, it can cooperate with the central government by supporting with financial support or food.

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