Adnan Osman: we support our bloc completely


The secretary of national council of Gorran Movement announced: we are in the executive branch and national council of Gorran, support our bloc in the Kurdistan Parliament by all our abilities, and our bloc’s position is the reflection of Gorran Movement’s policies.

Adnan Osman who is simultaneously a member of executive branch of Gorran, in the statement to (Sbeiy) website confirmed that they are against all attempts that affect Gorran bloc and its head in the Kurdistan Parliament.

“Our bloc just implement Gorran’s program, not other scenarios” he also said.

He explained that: “Our bloc was on the top in whole issues related to the life of people and reforms, more especially in the current issue about lifting parliamentarians’ immunity has courageous and crucial position which is the policy of Gorran”

He confirmed that they don’t accept that the personality of their bloc and other members in the parliament be affected with political intent, because all their parliamentarians steps were done by consultation with the movement.

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