The researches room explained the impacts of oil price drop


The researches room of Gorran Movement managed the seminar about “The Drop of Oil Price and Its Impacts on The Iraqi and Kurdistan Region Economy”, which is presented by Anwar Karim a member of economy part of the room.

According to Researches Room of Gorran, this research is important from two sides:
1-Iraq and Kurdistan Region get their main incomes by oil.
2-The Gorran Movement has gripped the important part of economy file in the ninth cabinet of Kurdistan Region government.
In the seminar, the oil issue and the challenges of it, were explained, also financial crisis and its consequences on the governing process in Iraq and region were discussed. The details of the seminar are scheduled to become a project and will publish later.

The conclusion of the seminar:
1-The radical reforms in all sectors should be implemented in order to overcome on the crisis.
2-The income resources should be diverse.

The activities of researches room of Gorran will be continue and the all issues related to the political and economic situation, will be analyzed and explained in the future in the form of seminar and research.

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