The detail of the meeting between spokesperson of Gorran Movement and US and UK consulates


 The spokesperson of Gorran Movement discussed the violation against journalists and other issues with officials of UK and US consulates and expressed Gorran’s point of view about violation against human rights and political and security issues inside Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

Dler Abdulkhaliq, the spokesperson of Gorran and Shunas Sherko, a member of diplomatic relationship met with Joshua Lewis US Consulate General Political Economic Officer and james otts general political officer in UK consulate.

At the meeting, Gorran’s point of view about political, administrational, security issues and human rights cases inside Iraqi Kurdistan Region were expressed, at the same time, the problems and disputes between patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Kurdistan Democratic Party were discussed.

Also at the meeting, freedoms and violations against human rights and the barriers in front of journalists have been talked about,  Gorran delegation stressed heavily about the protection of media freedom and protection of journalists.

The representatives of both consulates said that they strongly observe the Iraqi Kurdistan Region’s situation and they support general and civil freedoms and criticize the violations.

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